Costis Drygianakis was born in Volos, Greece, 1965. He studied Physics and Social Anthropology, got involved with music, loves dogs, collects ceramics, cooks spaghetti. Active as a composer and record producer since 1987. According to an old press release, “the music of Costis Drygianakis, usually assembled with the help of recording media (tapes, computers etc) belongs to the genre of electroacoustic music, though generally avoiding the dogmatic approaches. Frequently using unorthodox relationships of composition, recording and re-composition, it employs and tames randomness and improvisation, balances in-between ambiance and surprise, makes references but denies identifications and, finally, explores without abandoning its sentimental space.”

xx 5, 30 a (113)

Releases: Optical Musics vol. 1 (LP, 1987), Hours and seasons (MC, 1993), Optical Musics vol. 2 (CD, 1994), Χριστός γεννάται, δοξάσατε! (CDr-1998), Post-optical Landscapes (CD, 1999), Thoughispeakwiththetonguesofmenandofangels (CD, 1999), Chondros and Katsiani on the Mountain (CDr, 2006, reissue book w/CD, 2019), Itinerary (Διαδρομή) (3” CDr, 2012), Blown Into Breeze (LP, 2013), άδηλα και κρύφια (CDr, 2015), Wings of Winds (“Επί πτερύγων ανέμων”) (CD, 2016), λίθον ον απεδοκίμασαν οι οικοδομούντες (The Stone the builders rejected) (MC, 2017), Optical Musics: The First Words, recordings 1984 – 1987 (book with 2 CD’s, 2017), κ/λ (split with Lambros Zafeiropoulos, LP, 2017), Chained to the world (MC, 2019), Ο Μύθος του Πενθέα (The Pentheus Myth) (with Kostas Pandopoulos, CD, 2019).

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