Optical Musics vol. 2

Released 18.5.1994

tomos 2

Ο Νίκος Διαμαντόπουλος στο περιοδικό Audio, 10.1995

audio 13 - 10.1995 cut sm

Frans de Waard for Vital Weekly i. 66


A CD that opens with traditional Greek music, but that after a minute or so fades in sampled drumming and more traditional instruments. There is stringed instruments and tablas. A voice recites a few lines, alledegly in ‘inuit’. The second piece opens with soft tinkling piano’s and synth lines, almost in new age style. Then after 8 minutes or so, string (guitar?) sounds are added. There is a hugh crescendo after 15 minutes. Hughly reverbeted string sounds open the third track, which turns into the most abstract piece. The final piece opens with a reading of Psalm 103, including church bells with a lot of weird sounds underneath. You may guessed it right: this is a strange album of traditional music (a lot of which were sampled from records, including from countries such as Japan, Tibet, Burundi, China). The religious connotations are not very clear to me. This is a certain trance like thing in this record which is fascinating, and which certainly appeal to those who like, say Rapoon or Zoviet France, even though Optical Music stays in more traditional terrain.

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