Optical Musics, Vol. 1


The First Volume of Optical Musics (LP) was released on November 11, 1987. Optical Musics was a project rather than a band with steady synthesis; contributors included Christos Kaltis (bass), Yiannis Argyropoulos (percussion), Kostas Pandopoulos (guitar, piano), Alexis Karavergos (guitar, piano), Kostas Anestis (sax, percussion) and of course Costis Drygianakis (synthesizer, recordings etc). Thanassis Chondros and Alexandra Katsiani gave voice to two of the tracks.

Although it was a DIY publication, the album was well received by the Greek music pressof the times.

Κείμενο του Γιώργου Χαρωνίτη, περιοδικό Ήχος & HiFi, 10.1988


Κείμενο του Χρήστου Τσανάκα, περιοδικό Δισκογραφία, 1988

tsianakas 1988 sm

There were also some short reviews internationally, e.g. in the ND fanzine, in 1989.

1989. nd2

It is still considered to be one of those albums of the Greek 1980’s that defy all categorization, as it was recently written by Vangelis Poulios in the Sonik magazine (“3 albums of the other side – What didn’t fit in the molds of the 1980’s”).



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